Welcome to apparentlypainted.com. I am studying the Cherokee Language, and it has infused itself into my paintings and jewelry. This is just a sampling of my work. Every one of my creations is unique and very often custom made. If there is something of mine that you've seen and it is not here, please inquire.  I make a lot of artful things, and don't get a chance to post it all here to the website.

All of my art is original and copyrighted. I ask that you do not copy, download or use any of these images without my consent.

I have an etsy storefront loaded with jewelry, ornaments, and some smaller (easily shipped) paintings. Please visit it and see what I have for sale. I update it often, so please check it regularly for new items. (See link below)

Thank you!

The world is full of stories, and from time to time
they permit themselves to be told."

Old Cherokee Saying